Personal Grooming Routines

Whether it’s unruly body hair or spots that need popping, you probably put yourself through some form of personal grooming.

However, have you ever stopped to work out how much time and money you spend plucking and pampering yourself?

Our recent study has found that the average Brit spends around an hour a week on skin and hair care and £11.50 a month on beautifying products.

While you may assume it’s the ladies of the land who are dedicating this time to their appearance, our survey found that two thirds of men have some form of skin care routine.

Moisturising took the crown as most common way to care for your skin, with nearly three quarters of women and 40 percent of men slathering themselves with the stuff.

A select few males even went the extra mile and slapped on the face oils (5%) and self-tan (2%).

Despite putting huge efforts into achieving perfect skin, it seems that most (57%) of the public seek an extra boost from make-up.

Less than a fifth of women polled choose not to wear make-up, while the slap-free option is growing in popularity with men, as a third claim to apply some kind of product.

Unwanted face and body hair is a nightmare for Brits, especially males, with men across the nation taming the hair on their armpits (28%,) backs (18%,) and even their bums (19%.)

Nostril hair was one of the most highly-ranked nuisances and with over half of men turning to the trimmers to tame it.

The Irish appear to struggle the most with stray nose hairs, with a quarter of Northern Irish respondents claiming to trim up there.

Eyebrow grooming is a procedure which has seen some change, as women are now letting these grow out naturally, while more men have started to groom them.

Plucking the brows is a past time particularly popular in the South East, with nine in ten respondents having a tweeze.

It seems that 18 – 24 year olds are beginning to go against the grain when to comes to their grooming routines.

More than one in five youngsters let their pubic hair run wild, compared to just 15% of 25 – 34 year olds, which is the first example of a younger generation being less likely to conform to a beauty standard.

It is unsurprising that Brits are so willing to dedicate their time to trimming, with so many being self-conscious about their body hair.

Almost two thirds (58%) of respondents were willing to go a step further and have considered cosmetic procedures to achieve their dream appearance.

These procedures can vary from teeth whitening, which nearly a quarter have considered, to permanent makeup and microblading which nearly 10% of women have thought about.

It’s clear that people are spending lots of time and money following strict skincare and grooming regimes, even resorting to measures such as botox and laser hair removal.

But we think it’s important that however they choose to maintain their appearance, they do it for themselves rather than being hellbent on following the latest fad.

With all this pruning and pampering taking place, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully kitted out with the right equipment. Our illuminated mirrors  provide a stylish and practical solution to personal grooming, oh and don’t forget to clean up after yourself too!

personal grooming infographic